DRIFT – Till Next Time!

What’s going on?

To cut straight to the point and avoiding any fancy wording and cleverly flowery introductions (uhh…irony?), DRIFT is going on hiatus due to lead illustrator Kathan Chai’s leave for the military.

Earlier this year, Kathan warned me of an upcoming event that may be trouble for DRIFT in the future, but was desperately trying to avoid it. Successfully, he was able to buy some time to stay away from the event a couple of months ago. However, he was unable to avoid it any longer and was unfortunately forced to fulfill his country’s obligation to a conscription (in his country, it is almost the equivalent to the US draft).

Though this is unfortunate, it’s definitely not all bad! Kathan stands tall and is eager to support his country, and we can do nothing more than support him! For the last two years I’ve worked with Kathan on DRIFT, it’s been nothing more than interesting, challenging, and most of all fun! Moreover, Kathan is probably one of the most highly respected professionals I’ve ever worked with! Together, we pushed ourselves to deliver a consistent experience, and we both are nothing short of proud :).

Although this is an unfortunate turn of events for DRIFT, it is not the end. There is a very high likelihood that DRIFT will return in the future. Besides, there are still so many unanswered questions and still much more planned!

Kathan and I are looking forward to creating more exciting DRIFT in the future, but until that time comes, I wish him the best.

See you soon!